New Zealand 1933-36 George V Silver Coin Type Trio

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Before the coins of George VI and Elizabeth II, the briefest type series in New Zealand's history was issued during the final days of King George V. We have a trio of George V 1930s silver coins available right now!

With New Zealand only issuing its first national coinage in 1933, the beginning of a new era in Kiwi currency history coincided with the closing chapters of the reign of George V. Dying in January 1936, the portrait of the King would only appear on New Zealand's coinage from 1933 to 1936 - with the fact that some of the coinage was issued posthumously adding an interesting twist to the short-lived George V series.

Comprising the silver threepence, sixpence and shilling (dates of our choice) in average circulation quality, the set is the ideal complement to the sets above - especially at this sensational price!

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