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A spellbinding synthesis of rich British history, tremendous affordability and outstanding quality, we have particularly pretty examples of the Bank of England first-year-of-issue 1811 3s Token and 1811 1s 6d Token available.

The turmoil in Europe in the late 18th, early 19th centuries had dire economic consequences for Britain. The Napoleonic Wars had left the nation's finances in a calamitous state, and silver was in short supply. With the Royal Mint unable to strike enough coinage for circulation, the Bank of England was authorised to issue tokens as emergency currency.

The creator of the 1797 Cartwheel Penny, the Soho Mint's Matthew Boulton, was commissioned to produce the tokens, striking 1s 6d and 3s denominations. It has been suggested that the unusual denominations were a clever way to circumvent the Royal Mint's monopoly on official denominations. With the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the Bank of England Token Series concluded in 1816. With the Great Recoinage taking place in that year, Britain injected a substantial amount of currency into circulation, with the vast majority of tokens consigned to the melting pot.

Truly eye-catching, the 1811 3s Token is offered in Uncirculated quality, with the 1811 1s 6d Token in near Unc/Unc. Your chance to hold genuine relics of one of Britain's most tumultuous periods in your hands, both tokens are distinguished by rich, attractive toning, and are scarce in such beautiful condition.

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