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One of Beatrix Potter's most impudent characters, Squirrel Nutkin, continues the series that celebrates the pioneering woman behind the world-famous, illustrated little tales. The flaws of Beatrix Potter's characters may lead them into trouble, but they also make them so likeable, and Squirrel Nutkin is one of her most ill-mannered. Children and grown-ups alike have developed a soft spot for the cheeky little squirrel, relieved when he escapes from Old Brown owl but not without losing most of his tail.

Squirrel Nutkin features on this, the first and only official United Kingdom coin to celebrate this mischievous and much-loved character. Taking centre stage, his whiskers and once bushy tail are captured in fine detail.

This Brilliant Uncirculated coin is presented in a packaging inspired by the watercolour illustrations Beatrix created more than a century ago. The Silver Proof edition, with its bright colour printing, is set within an official display case.

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Product ID: 14963
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